Thursday, May 5, 2011


What does eponymous mean?

Name 3 words that are eponymous and what they are named after. You can use google if you want

Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Make a Hero Sandwich... YUMMM

We are currently reading about the history of sandwiches. We read an article called, "How to Make a Hero Sandwich". Did you know that a hero sandwich has many different names? They can be called subs, bombers, hoagies, heroes, and a few other names. Here is our explanation of how to make a hero sandwich according to the article that we read:

This is how to make a hero sandwich. First, you need to hold a piece of French bread. You need to hold it on its side. Second, you need to slice the bread. You should slice it in half, lengthwise. Next, you can layer on slices of meat and cheese. You can use ham or salami. For cheese, you might use provolone, swiss, or American cheese. Then, top the sandwich with lettuce and tomato. After that, add oil, pickles, and hot peppers. Hot peppers and onions are optional, you do not need to use them. Finally, spread mayo and mustard on the sandwich. A hero sandwich is easy to make. Eat that hero sandwich!

At the end of the unit, we hope to have a hero sandwich party! Look for pictures coming up!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sight Word video!

Hello out there!

Before spring break, my fifth graders and I spent a week creating a sight word video for younger students in our school to use at home. We had a great time doing it and it was a fun chance to be creative!! We are very excited to show our video off and give it out to the first graders! Here is an example of our video...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

life with out time by eric berry

time would be a disaster without clocks. you would be late to every would be late to school. you would be late to your jobs. everybody will be late. that is what i think time would be like.

Life with out clocks by Anjelica

I think life would be bad. because if you had to do some thing yo would be lat for it then you would

wat wood life be like with out cloks by jose pina

I think life wood be bad because you cant wake up without a alarm clock and some time the sun is out an it is cold outside an you have to put on all this jakets. also some pepel have to go to work at a certain time like teacher.

Life without clocks by Miss Buerster

What would life be like without clocks?